Our Story

Founded by Beata Bator in early 2000, Eternity Fine Jewellery & Heirlooms has become a fixture of downtown Grande Prairie. Locals know it as a friendly place to shop, chat, and dream out loud.


Over the years, Beata and family have worked to shape their business around three core principles:

  1. No selling. People come to us with a story and a need. We do our best to listen well, ask smart questions, and give good advice. 
  2. Fit matters. Some types of attraction fade. Want a collection that you'll stay in love with? Simple. Just make sure it reflects who you are. It can be trendy or timeless, as long as its you.
  3. Relationships first. We want to be co-celebrators, not just suppliers. We love connecting with people through their moments, big or small. That's what brings us back every day.


In Beata's own words:

"I have the best job. It's almost unfair how much fun I have at work! My inner romantic gets fed every day by the beautiful stories that come through the door. They keep me young, and hopeful. I get to meet such fascinating people, and to celebrate their stories with them. I couldn't ask for more."


Our Team

Beata Bator (Jeweler + Owner)

Andrea Bator (Customer Happiness Specialist + Happy Encourager)

Gloria Bator (Empress-in-Training)

Donna Boutilier (Customer Happiness Specialist  + Resident Nice Person)

Marge McDermott (Customer Happiness Specialist + Life Advice Sass Queen)

Dustin Shaffer (Customer Happiness Specialist + Organizer-in-Chief)

Tanya Ovsiy (Book-Keeper + Dramatic Comedian)