Jewellery is an investment that needs to be cared for. Dirt and grease are going to build up, and wear-and-tear will happen. But following these simple steps can help jewellery stay radiant.


  • Diamonds and stones have a way of coming loose over time. Bring your pieces in for regular inspections (we can sign you up for our courtesy program), or check yourself every six months to ensure that all prongs are tight and even. 
  • The greatest threats to jewellery are perfumes and make-up (especially to pearls). Always ensure that you apply jewellery after your skin is dry.
  • Try to store your collection in a large enough container to avoid pieces touching each other (to prevent scratches). Ideally, it should be a dark and dry space. Excessive sunlight and moisture  lead to bad things.

Basic Cleaning:

  • Run a sink of hot water (throwing in just a dash of dish-soap).
  • After letting it sit for five minutes, gently swish the jewellery through the water, loosening the dirt.
  • Take a toothbrush (soft bristles) and very carefully brush away the surface dirt.
  • Let the pieces continue to soak for another few minutes.
  • Rinse using warm water. 
  • Dry using a soft, non-abrasive cloth (cotton is best).

Deep Cleaning:

To remove deeper grime, use an ammonia-based cleaner with at least 5 parts of warm water. But do NOT use cleaner or ammonia on pearls or stones classified as "porous" (including emeralds, coral, turquoise, rubies, and lazuli). You'll permanently damage them.

Have more questions? Send us a message, or drop in the store.